Scale SaaS Revenue

I Help B2B SaaS Companies With Product-Market Fit Scale Revenue To 7 & 8 Figures ARR In Record Time

We Grow Enterprise Value Through Go-To Market Engines That Build Qualified Pipeline And Shorten Sales Cycles

By combining an outbound sales infrastructure with founder-led marketing we help you drive top-of-funnel attention, map out a sales process that converts them into qualified pipeline and then book sales meetings for your team from a dedicated SDR.

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About Brooks Van Norman

I’m a former VP Sales and business development expert focussed on helping B2B SaaS businesses grow revenue.

I’ve helped create millions in recurring revenue by executing sales strategies that predictably turn attention into profitable cash flow.

I work with you to optimize a sales process that delivers a measurable return on investment quickly while staying extremely capital efficient.

I live in Kelowna, BC with my wife and two cats.

Clients Come To Me When

They need predictable sales while staying profitable and capital efficient

They’re tired of hype and marketing tactics that haven’t worked

They want a repeatable, proven system for growing revenue

Clients Backed By Top Tier Venture Capital

After Working Together Clients Get:

A reliable sales process that generates leads and new customers predictably

The scripts, tools and systems to create repeatable sales outcomes

A growing pipeline of qualified, high-probability deals

We'll help you:

Most important, my clients get the confidence they can scale.

Here’s the thing – scaling sales for a b2b business doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s a process and it’s what I do.

How Our Process Works

We optimize your entire end-to-end Sales Process to help you drive more pipeline and increase sales conversions.

We‘ll install our proven Prospect Conversion Engine in your business to attract and convert your ideal customers.

​We'll help you create relevant insights to deliver in your sales process that differentiate your brand and build your authority with buyers in ways that create new opportunities, build trust and grow revenue.

​We’ll help optimize your messaging and sales process through content to attract ideal, high lifetime value customers with our 3-step framework used by dozens of b2b businesses.

​We'll help you build a founder-led and create a content engine to differentiate your brand to build trust at scale, credibility and pull in qualified inbound leads from thought leadership.

Client Results

Monittor - Consistent Sales Within 10 Weeks
Launchable – From Zero To 48+ Meetings Per Month
DeployHub -  800% Pipeline Growth in First 30 Days
ScheduleHead - Finding Market-Message Fit Fast
Revenly - More Leads Than They Could Handle
64Robots - 5X ROI in 9 Weeks
Zorus - New Customers In Less Than 8 Weeks
Sharetivity - Nailing Product Market Fit In 90 Days
Kiana Analytics -  7x Pipeline Growth in 60 Days

Trusted by Dozens of Leaders in B2B SaaS

What People Are Saying

"Brooks was instrumental in taking MarketLinc revenue from startup phase to over $15m ARR. He is an asset to any team that needs the experience, integrity, creativity to make revenue happen. It's rare to find a sales leader like Brooks, and he has my full recommendation."
Demorie Agabekian
VP Marketing
"Brooks built a highly effective sales process that helped us scale quickly. In the first 60 days alone we saw pipeline grow 318% and contract value increase by over 25%. Brooks has my full recommendation for any company that needs a proven and repeatable process to grow revenue."
Ryan Bogaardt
Director of Sales
"This is one of best setups I’ve experienced. Big impact in a short time... really helped us really dial in product-market fit and then expand our reach. We actually had to slow things down until we hired more sales people... awesome system."
Josh Allen
CEO & Founder
"Brooks really helped us to clarify exactly who we serve and how we create value... and his outreach system is as near perfect as you can get for customer acquisition."
Derick Dorner
"You will not find a more knowledgeable, passionate, and committed person than Brooks to make a positive impact on the way that you, or your sales teams approach the task of selling."
Jim Hays
"Quality, innovative work. From the first easy assessment to weekly progress checks, Brooks combined creativity and a sound business acumen to increase our customer base."
René Massey
"We were struggling to have conversations with our target audience. Trade shows and cold calling weren't working. Since working together, we've gone from having 2 discovery calls per week to now having 5-8 per day... and we've only just begun. Brooks' process is truly amazing."
Tracy Ragan
CEO & Founder
"Brooks actually delivered on what he promised. The education Brooks provides on selling, sales process and the sales script is absolutely awesome. We're getting great results from it. Brooks knows what he's talking about and is a great teacher... highly recommended."
Ryan Fenn
“In less than 7 weeks using Brooks’ system we were building quality pipeline and doing demos with ideal prospects that led to new business. We booked over 150 meetings and signed 10 high-LTV customers in the first 3 months. And Brooks has great ideas on messaging that really resonated with our target market and how to reach out to prospects. High ROI.“
Chris Keith
VP Sales & Marketing

If you want to scale revenue using a proven process and work with an expert, book a call with me today to learn more.